TEA’SER: possibly the cleanest and MOst Arsty asian country I’ve ever been to + TEA’d at Queen Elizabeth’s SPOT

I honestly don’t even need to use words to show you how stunning this place is, I can just post pictures and it will probably be all the more convincing. Someone once said, a picture is worth a thousand words so that is exactly how I am going to start this post off!


Wow! 10,000 words…this is my longest post yet.

Jokes aside, let’s get to it! I had the opportunity to visit Singapore last summer for about 4 days(which was an ample amount of time) and it was the most unique experience I have ever had in an Asian country. I think it is one of the cleanest places I have ever seen and will ever see; that being said, a lot of my friends who have been have mentioned that it was a bit too “sterile” for their tastes. I agree it was rather a bit too clean but the pros definitely outweigh the cons on this one(if clean can even be considered a con lol). The public transportation was amazing and as a woman who travels alone quite often, I have never felt safer. In fact, I met a couple other solo female travelers when I was here and we were able to give each other travel tips which was awesome! I noticed a larger population of women traveling alone here than anywhere else I have been which prompts me to say that if you are just starting out and are afraid of going to a foreign country alone, Singapore may the gateway country for you.

My favorite takeaway from this trip was the tea ceremony I got to experience, I highly recommend it if anyone is planning on visiting Singapore. I learned how to properly pour and enjoy tea. Albeit very traditional and old school, it is a good skill to have under your belt to impress people with! Who knows? Maybe one day you might be having tea with the Queen and will be able to show off your tea pouring skills and win some points. The place is called Tea Chapter and they make killer tea eggs, trust me you HAVE to try them. The oolong jelly is also to die for and is a good accompaniment to the bomb tea. You can enjoy your tea and snacks in a traditional tea room and relax in the same room that the queen had her tea in! Yes, they even serve the same exact tea she orders when she visits. Who knows good tea better than the Queen of England?

Another thing I recommend checking out is Gardens by the Bay. It is honestly so so so beautiful. The entire area is like a museum except it’s public and outdoors and just casually part of the architecture. This entire country is art. There are three different areas to check out when you are here, one of which includes the most magnificent flower exhibit you will ever come across in your life. It even smells like flowers in there! Details people, details.

Now, mostly every big city has a Chinatown but the one in Singapore has these food markets which are called “hawker” centers where you can get yummy and cheap food. Another exclusive attraction that you can only find in Singapore is Little India. It honestly feels like you are in India when you are here, and the Indian food is so authentic and delicious too. I tried a vegetarian spot called Komala Vilas and if the tasty food wasn’t enough, the kind people add to it by providing such a welcoming vibe. Tip: try their mango lassi

Lastly, if you are a fan of shopping, Orchard Road is the place for you! I stayed close to this area and took the hotel shuttle to the subway station and it was super easy to get around. The hotel I stayed at was called the Shangri-La and I cannot recommend this place enough! They were so helpful/nice and even helped me convert money(what hotel does that?).

Happy travels!