Covid-19: a wake up call for society

Maybe this is the C-19 and diarrhea talking but this is something I had to get off my chest since there is currently no cure to literally get the Coronavirus off of my chest(and lungs rip) and apparently my gastrointestinal tract. So call me dramatic but honestly #calledit.

2020. What a year it has been and despite all the events that are happening in the world, we are still refusing to acknowledge that there is a universal crisis. One dilemma after the next, we choose to remain in denial and to keep on with our lives, we turn the blind eye to the suffering; until the universe no longer gives us the option to ignore each other’s pain and more importantly the planet and living beings that we share this planet with. Now is a time where it is necessary to come together as one and to offer the love, support and kindness that should’ve already existed long before we had to be forced to awaken. Nature is extremely intelligent and self-regulates every so often. Our job is to listen to and respect it. Why did this virus come into existence in the first place? Because humans were fucking with the natural law of the world.

Since people refuse to take time for stillness and opt to numb everything by adopting the “gogogo mentality”, the universe is forcing us to be human again. To simple BE. Trust me, this will be difficult with everything that is happening around us–I can tell you that I am having a tough time processing current events. We are being forced to be alone(maybe because we need to face ourselves) as people start self-quarantining and given an opportunity to reflect as the world is currently changing and trying to adapt itself to this widespread disaster. Most of us have all the time in the world now that we are stuck at home avoiding contact with other humans and so we will be forced to choose. To choose between two paths, action or inaction…one that leads to change or the other which leads to widespread catastrophe. Either way, fear will prompt the demise of humanity if we let it run rampant and lead us astray. Being fearful means we will be more inclined to be unkind in an effort to protect ourselves. We must not let it escalate to this. We have to listen to our fears but not give into them. Why are we afraid? How do me minimize this emotion? Through awareness, preparation and by taking action..taking back control.

So how do we take action? By showing love for those who share the earth with us and tuning into the needs of those around us. It is not just about you. Everything is connected and everyone is tied to each other. Every decision you make and every word you speak becomes translated into existence. The entire universe is working to help you. Let it. All you need to do is remember what is truly important. What is important to you? It’s time to ask yourself the serious questions. Is your job more important than your loved ones? If you were to die tomorrow what would you have wanted to get done today? Of course, we should be prepared in a physical/survival sense as well because in being ready, we put ourselves in a position to help both ourselves and others. You should stock up on food and water but remember to share with those who are in need as well. Every life counts. Notice how I said every life and not person? Animals and our environment are part of the picture. We cannot exist without both. That is the circle of life( didn’t think I’d make a Lion King reference to emphasize the harmony of nature?)

To end this on a super realistic note..If you are one of my close friends, you already are aware of this but I have contracted the c-19 because I was being careless and chose to travel during this time. You never think it could occur to you until it does and this is a costly lesson to have learned. I hope that my mistakes did not affect anybody negatively but this is wishful thinking. I had a trip to Europe scheduled next week but will immediately halt my travels for the time being until we learn more about this thing. The only thing I can do now is to prevent someone else from contracting it, perhaps you might think that it is trivial in the grand scheme of things but one person can make a huge difference. I mean, this whole thing started off with one bat. In the words of Trevor Noah, “started from the Wuhan, now we’re here”; the problem wouldn’t have gotten to this point if we as humans did not use denial as a way to avoid and downplay all the issues we don’t feel like confronting. As a species, we are getting lazy. We would rather die and let those around us die than face our issues face on. Stop buying toilet paper and choose to be aware. Stop acting out of emotions and listen. If you were to stock up on anything, buy food/water/medicine.. you will not die if your ass is un-wiped omg. On a more positive note, get ready for more posts because I have so much free time I think I am going insane!