There is a saying regarding how to gauge the character of the inhabitants of a town when you first arrive in an area(without having to directly interact with them) which has stuck with me for as long as I have been traveling. Of course, I am not condoning anyone to come to any conclusions about another person before getting to know them but I think this is something interesting to think about because at times making snap judgements could mean the difference between life or death when you are in a foreign environment.

If you observe how the animals in the town act around strangers and people in general, you can usually measure the disposition of the locals: if the stray cats and dogs are trusting and comfortable around humans, the people who live in that area are probably kind and if it is the opposite then you should be wary(probably why the rats in NYC are so comfortable around humans…New Yorkers are secretly the nicest people, no bias involved here). How someone treats an animal or living thing that has no direct influence over any benefits they may gain from being agreeable to that being is reflective of their true nature. All of what I am saying may have already been obvious to you but I found it to be a great shortcut in analyzing my surroundings. Sometimes reaching conclusions before one has obtained enough supporting evidence could be viewed as being “closed-minded” but I think it is human nature to make quick judgements even though we may not have the full picture yet. This evolutionary behavior has kept our ancestors alive and that should count for something.

I think adapting to the modern interpretation of this strategy is necessary though, so yes make those inferences but do not depend on them completely when making decisions. We have the luxury to think for ourselves in this time and age and so we do not need to react to our instincts right away and this will deter us from making the same mistakes people did in the past. This will prevent racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and overall hateful behavior towards other people because when we choose to think we know that just because someone is different from us, it does not mean they are a threat to us. Sometimes fear can be misconstrued as hate and this can be prevented by overriding quick judgements(totally acceptable, we all do it whether or not we’d like to admit it) with rationalization.

What does any of this have to do with Mykonos? Going back to the stray cats, Mykonos has a huge population of cats that are extremely trusting towards tourists and I think this is reflective upon the locals of the small, yet bustling island. Feeding the stray cats was the highlight of my time there but that’s not at all indicative that there was a lack in the array of activities and fun things to do because this place is L I T af. It is known as the party animal of the Greek islands for good reason. You will not have any trouble finding a place to dance all the while enjoying the crystal clear blue water that surrounds the white and blue architecture. Oh and the people are gorgeous too. So much aesthetic.

We stayed at the Cavo Tagoo Mykonos which was a good call. The walls were painted white and accompanied by tasteful gold touches here and there(like I have been trying to illustrate, aesthetic AF). The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly which should be a good enough reason..but the food was my most favorite part of the stay. I discovered cheeses that I have never even knew existed. Manouri cheese is my favorite cheese now thanks to this place and I have a new appreciation for mediterranean food. The ingredients are so simple but flavorful and healthy. Simple food tastes the best because you can automatically tell if the ingredients are fresh and of high quality since there is nothing masking the true flavor. I think the fresh vegetables and organic ingredients used in Greek cooking make it one of the best cuisines in the world. There is also a restaurant in a cave that I forgot the name of but I am sure you could find it if you asked around. Try the cheese, salads, olive oil and seafood if you ever get a chance to visit.

Anyway, the island is actually quite small so you can do most of your exploring on foot but word of warning there are no sidewalks in most areas so be careful of cars. There is an option to rent a car or a jeep and explore this way as well. When you get bored of sight seeing you can relax on the beach, tan, grab a drink and people watch.